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promptomatic's Journal

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this community was created because sovegna_vos, the moderator, wanted to read more. yup. really, that's all there is to it.

the way it works is that members will post prompts: images, ideas, words, takeout menus, absolutely anything.

ideally, everyone would post a fictional response to this prompt, whether it be a few paragraphs or pages. i know that people are busy, though, so i understand if everyone doesn't respond to every prompt.

the easiest posting format that i can think of is:


(lj-cut text="title of your response") with, you know, arrows instead of parenthesis.

this seems to be the least complicated.

prompts can be posted quite simply. if you don't know the html tags for images, check livejournal's FAQ.

feedback is always welcome, though not required. if you don't want any feedback, disable comments, though i can't imagine joining a writing community if you don't want feedback.

feel free to cross-post your writing, of course.

if you have suggestions that i didn't cover, hit me up at my journal and i'll make sweet sweet love to you. or, you know, listen to your suggestions. so either way, you win.

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