Jared (planetx) wrote in promptomatic,

Response: Ant & Grasshopper

Prompt--I hate this job. Too many people depend on me, and I'm tired of fucking up. Someone always gets hurt because I failed to be the hero. I never asked to be a hero in the first place. I just got handed the damn job when no one else had the balls to do it.
I'm tired of losing friends because of me. I'm tired of the shit I have to deal with. I'm just tired.

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that is the absolute best thing i have seen all day

It was a lot of fun to draw.
These guys are so expressive. I love their faces and hands.
Just wait to you see later episodes.

Ant's face has more expressive potential than just about any character I've done.

Suspended comment

Thanks. I'm nothing if not innovative.

A webcomic is a distinct possibility.