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This is somewhat based on Prompt "It was a dark and stormy night..."

The Young Werewolves

“I guess Stormy is a lot of things. She just has this way of seeming more than what you see, if that makes sense. Like, I can’t imagine her without her big black boots, old jeans and a hoodie, I mean, even in the summer, I always expect to see her in a hoodie. That and her eyes, she has the most beautiful eyes. She’s been like this, like us, for a long time and if you want to think of it like that, she’s the oldest one of us. I think it makes her wise, even if the others don’t and that’s why I’m glad she’s our alpha. Sure, she’s moody, probably more than the rest of us but she’s the storm, after all, and better that fury be on your side than against you. I just wish I knew more about her before she became like this, more about her past.”

“I know what the rest of the pack says, that I’m physically stronger and more together than Stormy and that I should be the alpha. The truth is that I’m still young in our world and she’s been around and learning for a lot longer than I have. I respect what she’s doing and that she’s really trying to lead us. What I don’t respect is how she draws away when someone tries to reach her and her anger, the kind that runs deeper than what the rest of us have. Whatever it is that happened and she’s trying to hide, she just needs to get over it already. We’re a lot alike but sometimes I think she’s out of control. You know, I’ll follow her to the ends of the earth but if she can’t lead us then, I might have to challenge her.”

“I don’t know what the others see in Stormy. She’s short, a bit fat, a girl, and off her nut! I still don’t know enough to challenge her but I can’t wait until Keith does and when he does, I’ll back him to the hilt. Just because she’s been like this since her teens, the others think she’s some kind of wise woman or something. Bullshit. She’s just some messed up little bitch who thinks she knows what’s best for all of us and that she can order us around. That, and the way Cluagh obsesses about her, like she’s the one he was in love with all those centuries ago, it just makes me want to puke! I’ll follow her for now ‘cause there’s no other option, but the second she shows enough weakness, that’s when I’ll prod Keith to make his move.”

“Even though I’m the youngest and know the least, Stormy never holds it against me the way the others sometimes do. I guess it’s because no one was around to teach her after it happened and she wants to make sure that it’s different for us. I mean, don’t get me wrong, sometimes she loses her temper with me but I know it’s not because she doesn’t like me. I’m always trying hard to follow her example and live up to what she expects from me, no matter what Randy might say. It’s hard being like we are and doing what we do and leading us sure isn’t easy on her, so I understand when she gets moody, I just wish Keith and Randy wouldn’t overact so much about it.”

“I will explain it with a story. Long ago, if an animal had a problem it would go to the oldest and therefore wisest of its tribe. The mice of Honel Fen might tell you to seek out Richets, who still remembered the great migration from north of the Fen. The foxes of Elderdale might take you to the den of the White-Tailed One for council. This is the way of animals and used to be the way of men. Then came the dark times when the Atrix Lords pressed the heavy hand of their barbaric rule over humanity and there came myself and my kind from our land to help war on our ancient enemies.

We fought along side the best warriors of man, those who changed their form under the light of the moon. It was many mortal lifetimes before the Atrix Lords were defeated; some destroyed and their bones sealed and others banished from returning to the land of man. This done, my kind returned to our land but I remained to help the men rebuild and to council them if I might. This was my mistake, for then they brought every problem to me rather than to their wise ones. A man would go out onto the moors and shout for me, sit by the standing stones and chant my name, or even stand on a cliff by the sea and wait.

So then I drew away from them, thinking that they would forget me in time and turn to their wise ones for council. In this also, I was mistaken. The men turned to those who only held power or riches, not those with wisdom to give. In time, they forgot me, their wise ones, and also the warriors who had saved them during the war. Their wise ones fell silent, their heroes were no longer reborn, and I discovered my folly in that I was now unable to return to the land of my kind. I was now bound to man.

After many centuries, another warrior was born and they called her Saevaard, the one who calls the storm. She saw me and heard my council and after so long, my solitude was broken. The storm and her beast form were strong and often confusing to her, so this led to many tragedies. This was also in the time of the cross and it was those men who hunted her down and set her to the flame. I tried to help her, tried to save her, but was myself strangely powerless in the face of the cross. When I watched Saevaard burn, my anger with man rose and I vowed that I should never help another and turned my back on all of them.

Many centuries later I felt her call and heard her voice in my dreams. I found that my love had been reborn and while only faintly remembering her true name and time with me, I was able to go to her and teach her again the meaning of being a warrior of man. She sailed the oceans to many new lands that had never seen her kind and made war on soldiers who also carried the cross. In their fear and ignorance they in turn hunted her, calling her the Black Celt, scourge of the known seas. Again, I was forced to watch as her allies turned against her for the bounty and the soldiers with their cannons and cross made an end of her. Once more, I swore only hatred and vengeance on the child-like men for whom I had abandoned my homeland.

All things that are powerful return thrice. So it was also with her. Again, many mortal lifetimes had passed before I once more dreamt of the storm and her voice. The world was much changed and all things wondrous were subsumed by the works of man. In such a city I found her, knowing at once the feel of her soul and the cast of her face, however, her soul had not yet awoken so I waited and I watched. There was something at work that man had never intended; because they had forgotten their wise and their warriors, they had long forgotten the war for their survival and the Atrix Lords. Now, the works of man, the metals and the energies, were stirring the sealed bones of the great enemy and their power was once more growing.

She does not wish to use her born name now and tells the pack to call her Stormy. She also never speaks of her soul’s awakening and the events thereafter, and has asked that I never speak of it to her or to others. Stormy does not remember our lifetimes together but I do and out of my love for her, my Saevaard, I will do as she asks. What I will say is that I tried to teach her in the ways of a warrior and taught her to hunt and slay the children of the Atrix Lords who are attempting to raise their slumbering masters. We know they grow daily in power because now four more warrior souls have awoken and a full pack runs for the first time in more than two thousand mortal years. I will serve and council her until the moment my soul is lost to oblivion.”


Name: Unknown, uses legally changed name of Stormy Gowr
Height: 5’2” in human form, 9’5” in beast form
Weight: 170 lbs in human form, 340 lbs in beast form
Blood type: AB+
Eye Color: Amber-brown
Hair Color/Style: Dark brown/short
Weapon of choice: Fangs and claws, enchanted blade ‘Tempest’

Parents: Unknown
Birthplace: Unknown, suspected southeastern Pennsylvania, USA
Siblings: Unknown
Current Residence: Rented house shared with five other individuals; see other Profile files for additional information.
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