Da Beeman (beemanfunk) wrote in promptomatic,
Da Beeman


The phone rang in its cradle. It was bad news, I just knew it. I stood, staring at the phone until its incessant ringing felt like tetanus in my ears. I sighed, reached out and picked up the receiver.
I didn't want to face this.

"It's me. Did you find her?"
I should have been quicker to respond when she asked, because the moment I hesitated she knew. "Oh god, you didn't find her dead did you?"
"Yeah. She's definitely dead." The phone made a clattering noise before I heard her crying on the other end. I let her get it out for a bit before I attempted to get her to pick up the reciver.
"Alli! Alli! Pick up the phone! I know you're upset but there's more to this than you think!"
She took a moment before she responded. "I'm sorry... what did you say?"
"I said that there's more to this than you think."
She coughed a bit into the phone. It cleaned the earwax out of my ears it was that loud. "What are you talking about?"
How could I tell her? It would make the news much worse in the end, and she'd never forgive me. I know it. It's not something she'd take lightly. "Alli. What I'm about to tell you will startle you but please let me finish what I have to say."
She sighed. Damn, she probably figured it out. "Ok..."
"I killed her Alli. It was my fault..." She cut me off. I knew she wouldn't let me finish.
"You fucking asshole! You miserable little shit! How could you do this to me?"
"Would you let me finish....?" I knew it was in vain.
"No! You listen to me! You knew how much I loved her. She was everything to me. The whole fucking silver platter right there! You heartless son of a bitch, I should call the fucking cops on you!"
"You know they won't...."
Her voice was shaking "Why? Why would you do this to me? What did she ever do to you?"
Oh the list I could have given her. A list long enough to cover a football field of shit that I had to put up with that little bitch. I wanted to play it off as an accident, but I didn't care at this point. I wasn't sorry. She had it coming.
"Where is she?" before I could give my reasons why I hated her so much.
"In our backyard." I think that came off way too calm.
"You buried her in our own back yard?!?" At this point, I had enough. This was ridiculous.
"Of course I did! It's a pretty common practice! For christ sake, Alli, it's a fucking dog! You act like she was a goddamned person or something!"
That actually got her quiet. Now I was really scared.
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